Flooring quotes: How much should you pay for your flooring project?

May 29, 2013 – 9:21 pm

This is a very hot topic the formation your about to receive is very valuable it will save you time and money. Before we begin getting into the bulk of this subject few things we have to address first. Everyone’s story is different when it comes to getting an estimate. We will give you our best experienced advice about how to go about getting a quote and all the small details that go along with it, how much you pay is all up to you. All the information you will gather is merely our opinion there are no facts no right or wrong having said that we will give you a raw honest unbiased opinion.

When getting an estimate done it should always be a no hassle no obligation and in our opinion it should always be a free estimate, (it’s the cost of doing business for the flooring companies to earn your business). Anyone who says to you they will charge you money just for coming out to give you an estimate, you should discard them right away it’s that easy. Whatever the flooring project it may be you want done, educate yourself by reading online, calling up stores , asking contractors having a little bit of knowledge is key because in most cases if you don’t know what you’re talking about or don’t have any knowledge on the product or procedure, flooring companies and installers smell that and to them it’s the smell of blood and they will take you on for a ride however there are a lot of honest contractors but if you ask the right questions and have a little bit of knowledge that’s a sign telling the flooring companies that you also know your stuff and you can’t be fooled.

IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT MOST LIKELY IS, in flooring or anything in life everything is relevant there is no something for nothing. For example say you get 4 different estimate and first person who quoted you was the highest and the last person who quoted you was the lowest, cheap or cheapest doesn’t necessary mean it’s a go, always ask yourself why is that person the cheapest is, it could be either they are cutting back on the quality of the materials, it could be they are not hiring professionals, it could be many things, price isn’t everything.

I’m not saying you should pay top dollars for the person who quotes you the highest as a RULE OF THUMB KNOW WHATS THE MARKET PRICE FOR WHAT YOU WANT AND USE THAT AS YOUR GUIDE THAT WILL BE YOUR MIDDLE. If flooring companies are quoting higher than the market price find out why if they are quoting you less still find out why. One biggest thing is TRUST YOUR GUT GO WITH YOUR INSTINCTS.

If you talk to a flooring contractor in Vancouver and your liking the vibe and you feel you can TRUST them then that in itself is worth a lot. Always hire someone you feel you can get along with who has a good trusting demeanor about them. If you call someone and it takes them days to call you back or they give you the run around don’t hire them all you will have is headache. Headache is worth more than money no one wants headache it’s not fun, when you’re getting your floors done your also paying for the experience you want to make sure things are going good from start to finish. One last thing we will talk about is the money part.

In almost all cases when we do work we don’t collect any upfront deposit when the work is done then we collect and the reason why we do that is because we are confident with our ability, this is our approach, there are companies out there that want 50/50 some want all money upfront, NEVER NEVER PAY all the money upfront, which ever approach you go with is all up to you but always hold back money till your happy and the job is completed 100%. Hopefully all this info was useful good luck on your next flooring project.

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