How and what type of underlay to use on laminate and hardwood flooring

May 6, 2013 – 9:14 pm
Laminate flooring installation is a cost effective and excellent alternative to hardwood floors.

When ever you do a floating floor application you always have to use underlay but sometimes picking a underlay can be confusing. You always have to determine what kind of setting you want to install your floors. In most cases if you are installing flooring in a townhouse or a condo you will need strata to approve the underlay and you have to follow strict bylaw guidelines.

No neighbours want to hear you walking or running in your own home so will have to get a sound barrier underlay. Usually the ratings will say iic or stc 56-74 the higher the number the better the underlay is for sound proof and higher the rating higher the amount you pay. If you are putting it in a basement , a house or any place that you don’t have neighbours living underneath you then you can install the basic non sound proof underlay which will be much cheaper.

One key of information THICKER THE UNDERLAY DOESN’T MEAN ITS BETTER OR ITS BETTER FOR SOUND PROOF ITS HOW DENSE THE UNDER IS . you can have a underlay much thinner then a thicker one and it will have a better sound proof rating then the thicker one. RULE OF THUMB thicker doesn’t mean better.

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