How to fix SCRATCHES on laminate flooring

April 17, 2013 – 9:37 pm

I will go through the most common scenarios that people encounter when they damage their beautiful laminate floors. Scratches are the most common complain people have.

Scratches stick out like a sore thumb they are nasty they are ugly and people just want them gone. I will save most people the suspense. Most gimmick products out there that say “scratches gone in seconds, magic felt mark or erasers” the bottom line is YOU CANT GET RID OF SCRATCHES YOU CAN TRY TO HIDE THEM.

You can use felt markers that is the same color as the floor to blend it in, you can use wood stain to hide it however in most cases hiding scratches does not work, if it has for you then great. The only way to get rid of scratches is to replace the boards which will take certain amount of skill to do so. For example if you have a scratch that stretches 2 board lengths then you can take out 2 boards of laminate, the great news is you don’t have to replace your entire flooring because of just 2 scratched boards. I know what your next question is “HOW” “how do you take out two scratched boards if you have not done it before. 99 percent of the time laminate is floating flooring meaning that laminate floor is not adhered or glued down to the subfloor.

You have to determine where the scratch in the area is if its near the wall for example then you can take out 2 or 3 rows of laminate and re install new boards however if the scratch is in a complicated spot like in the middle of the room and it’s too much work to take out so many rows then you can either use a skill saw or a multi tool to cut “ just in the box” cut only the boards u want taken out however my professional opinion on this having done hundreds of fixing is to leave this step to the professionals because you can really hurt yourself or damage more of the floor then you need to.

If you’re really adamant doing it yourself I would recommend watching a video on it first to get a good idea (if you’re using a skill saw make sure to hold it really tight because if it back fires on you the force of the skill saw will pull you back, be carefully specially using a skill saw) but once again I really suggest leave it to the Vancouver flooring professionals, Trademark Flooring.

If you are still thinking of hiding the scratches by using a wood stain I suggest you use a water base stain because if you use an oil base stain sometimes you leave a white residue on the floor that will not come off. There are many different types of scenarios that we can talk about but one huge piece of advice is knowledge, learn and read up this will give you more confidence even in bleak circumstances. However if you do want to still buy a product to hide scratches check out home depot

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