How to fix hardwood floors that squeak & creak

March 27, 2013 – 8:36 pm

Lets face it sqeaky floors is just plain annoying sometimes its that certain spot that always bothers you when you step on it and it squeaks. In most cases when people step on a floor and it makes a noise most people assume its squeaking however there’s a big difference between squeaking and creaking, The TYPE of noise that is coming from your floor will help you better determine how to fix it and in this discussion I will show you the two most common noises you will hear.

Sqeaking happens because there is too much friction and the reason could be in most cases are a number of things the first thing is when two planks are very tightly pushed together in a awkward spot and theres no room for the planks to relax you floors may sqeak, if the hardwood or laminate floors are pushed right up against the wall and there is no expansion gaps that is another reason, when your floors are not leveled very good and your flooring is flexing or dipping then it may squeak.

There are a lot of reasons why squeaking happens but most of the time its due to too much friction with the flooring. Creaking is completely different if you took a handful of corn flakes and CRUNCHED them in your hands that would be a creaking noise, creaking occurs because of the temperature and humidity of the room and of the flooring. That’s why when you buy any kind of flooring they will always tell you to climatize the flooring for a number of days to a certain temperature before the install.

How to fix your squeaking floors, here at trademark flooring we use certain methods before attempting to change the floors or rip off part of the flooring and put in new flooring. Use a spray lubricant like a wd40 or products by gunk lubricant they work like majic and in most cases elimantes sqeak ( when you apply the lubricant only spray into the seams or joints in order for the fluids to penetrate, there doesn’t have to be a gap or opening in the joints in order to penetrate it should seep it in).

Creaking on the other hand is more tricky you have to take steps before the install happens and climatize the wood. if your getting creaking there is in most cases NO way of fixing it because its out of your control after it happens because its due to the humidity and temperature at that point, rule of thumb make sure you climatize the materials before install and make sure where you buy the materials if they have a humidifier to check the moisture content before you buy the flooring, you can always take pre steps to try to eliminate a creaking from happening after it has happened there is no certain type of a fix you can do to make it stop creaking.

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