Why Laminate?

March 18, 2013 – 10:16 pm

For as long as I remember the choice of flooring for generations were carpet and hardwood it seemed like there were only those 2 options and everyone loved them however the market was in need of a new product to the market in the early 90’s and much earlier than that along came this product called laminate flooring which has revolutionized the whole flooring industry, laminate is sold in almost all flooring retailers and mega chains.

Vancouver Flooring: Why the Rise in Laminate Floors?

These days when you mention flooring most people will mention laminate flooring. Your probably asking yourself “why is laminate so darn popular, it’s like a big movement in the flooring industries”. It’s very simple why laminate flooring in Vancouver has risen to the top ranks it’s because of 3 simple facts very affordable, looks great, and very durable against scratches and wear and tear.

The average cost of laminate in today’s market ranges from about 1.50 sq foot to 3 sq foot on the higher end, a lot of laminate come in different thickness like 8 mm, 12mm, 15 mm but most common used is 12mm, also they come in different finishes like shinny, mat, rough, distressed, hand scraped, and also the joints come in a beveled edge or v groove drop down click system.

There so many great things associated with laminate it will take hours explaining but the rule of thumb for laminate flooring is affordable, looks great and durable. However on the flip side there are also flaws to laminate flooring like water damage, discoloring, joints may click out but those issues are rare but do happen. The pros very much outweigh the cons.

The average household income is able to afford laminate flooring and it’s very accessible. People used to save up for years to get hardwood done because it was very expensive and people were worried about getting it damage because they paid so much for it, not saying that laminate replaces hardwood, hardwood is still hardwood and is amazing on all counts it’s just that people don’t mind not having the luxurious new hardwood flooring and don’t have to keep up with the joneses. If you are wanting to get more info about laminate flooring.

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